Snap V1 Safety Center

Just like your conversations with friends at home and with colleagues at the office, your virtual conversations only live in the moment unless you record them. We know how these things can be fleeting, which is why we at Snap V1 approach online Trust & Safety with those kinds of exchanges in mind.

How to keep your meetings safe

When you host a meeting using Snap V1 , you can decide who joins and what they can do there, just as you would during an in-person interaction. We’ve designed features to help keep your meetings safe and manage how your guests communicate. Some of these features include:

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is your virtual bouncer, letting you decide who’s allowed into your meetings. Meeting hosts can also add a video for participants to view while they wait for the host to allow them into the meeting.

Approve or block entry from specific regions/countries

Hosts can “geofence” access to their meetings to block unexpected participants joining from VPNs or from outside of their geographical area.

Suspend Participant Activities

Hosts can instantly suspend all participant activity, which disables audio, video, chat, annotation, and renaming, and hides participant profile pictures. It allows the host to quickly identify, eject, and report the offender so the meeting can resume.

How Snap V1 Trust & Safety works

Disruptions and issues can still occur in online interactions. In addition to the tools we proactively employ to keep our users safe, we encourage you to report abuse on Snap V1 if and when you see it. We evaluate every report by applying the Acceptable Use Guidelines (AUG) and, if necessary, take action when we determine a violation of these guidelines has occurred.

We respond to reports

You can report abuse to us either from within a meeting, the web portal for a past meeting or webinar that you hosted (if enabled by an account owner or admin), or via our Trust Form.

We do not monitor live meetings or webinars

Snap V1 will only take action if we receive reports about possible violations of our Terms of Service or AUG. You can make us aware of a potential violation before, during, or after an event, and we will make a determination on what action is appropriate as quickly as we are able. We may also provide user information to law enforcement and government agencies in response to valid legal requests consistent with our Government Request Guide.

We act only when we have evidence that a violation has occurred

If a report doesn’t have enough information to establish proof of a violation, then we dismiss it.

Why this approach?

Our approach reflects the nature of the Snap V1 platform. That makes us different from social media companies. For example, on Snap V1 , you’ll find:

No public user-generated content

Snap V1 products like Snap V1 Chat, Snap V1 Phone, Snap V1 Whiteboard, and Snap V1 Meetings do not have text feeds or posts and do not use algorithms to show you content. If you stream your content to other sites that use feeds and algorithmic ranking, you’ll need to follow their rules.

No followers. No public directories.

Snap V1 users can’t follow each other or search for unknown contacts on the platform.

Limited persistent content

Just like your in-person conversations, your communications on Snap V1 Meetings live only in the moment unless your account settings enable storage or archiving in your account or on your device.